Aviation workforce management in the global industry

In the aviation global industry, what is the process of being certified by the ICAO and how interfaced and networked are the licenses and certifications throughout the rest of the world?
2.) In my research, I will mainly focus on pilots and the aviation technicians. I will perform research into the ICAO and TUV Rheinland to start.
3.) The ICAO is the international aviation central hub and has established various ways for aspiring technicians and pilots to become certified. The Aviation Academy international is one example of an organization that the ICAO has endorsed to certify all around aviation experts (AAI, 2012).
4.) While the ICAO incorporates many countries throughout the world, not all countries nor aviation organizations allow for the easy transition from one to the other. Determining international standards that can be accepted by all participating parties would be beneficial to the global aviation workforce. This would mean less time and money spent on re-certifications or unnecessary proficiency tests.