assignment 3 Analyzing Photography from the Great Depression, [Web Link].

Analyzing Photography from the Great Depression, [Web Link].

Background (from the Library of Congress web page):

The photographs in the Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection form an extensive pictorial record of American life between 1935 and 1944. The collection also includes photographs acquired from other governmental and non-governmental sources, including the News Bureau at the Offices of Emergency Management (OEM), various branches of the military, and industrial corporations.


Please answer the following questions in an informal 1 – 2-page essay:

What do the photographs suggest about life during the Great Depression? Please be specific and use examples from the photographs.
Do the photographs convey a single message about the Depression, or are they diverse (or even conflicting) in their orientations/viewpoints/depictions of the period?
What do you think the photographers were trying to achieve by taking these photographs?
Please conclude your essay with at least one question for discussion. Choose a question that you think will both enlighten and enliven your discussion section.

Once you have finished the essay, please upload it to Canvas by the deadline above.

Grades for this essay will be based on the following criteria:

Does the student answer each of the questions in a satisfactory and convincing manner?
Does the student include evidence to support his/her interpretations?
Has the student carefully read and thought about the source(s) and their significance?
Has the student considered the broader context of the source(s)?
Has the student clearly communicated his/her ideas?