Assessment of the operational management of conferences within the events industry

General events industry introduction: what it is, why its important, how big it is
Narrow it down to conferences
Study background/aim
This research looks at the organisation point of view of a conference.
1. Research aim and rationale
This research aims to explore operational levels in conferences management.
The research looks at assessing the logistic and operational part of organising a conference. The complexity of an event is hardly understood from perspectives other than within the industry.
The research will provide a knowledge of the benefits of short and long term planning for both planners new to this sector and stakeholders.
2. Research questions
What is the amount of time needed to efficiently plan the organisational part of a conference?
What is the financial benefit of efficiently planning the organisational part of a conference?

3. Research objective
This research has a clear objective to establish the economic benefit of long term planning for organization by eliminating time waste and reducing costs.
Find similar journals to support the objectives

4. Significance of research
Inform the sector of long term planning
Stakeholder can plan decisions on
Chapter Two: Literature Review
2.1 Introduction of Literature Review; 2.2 Main Body (with Headings and Sub-headings); 2.3 Conclusion of
Literature Review
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Chapter Three: Methodology
3.1 Research Approach; 3.2 Research Strategy/Methods, 3.3 Research Methodology, 3.4 Research
Instrument/Tools; 3.5 Sampling; 3.5 Ethical Implications
Chapter Four: Timescale
Chapter: Conclusion