Aspects of Human Physiology

Please use biological terminology throughout and do not include references within the text please. Please abide to the word count.

Part 1. Please fill in the table supplied, giving the function and the organs that the system is made of, by completing the table. Please use specific biological terminology when describing the functions/structure. 400 words max.

Part 2. Imagine a cell somewhere in the body, for example a cell in the foot. Explain how the following three organ systems supply the needs of the cell. Undoubtedly there will be some overlap between the systems. (This is best handled from the point of view of addressing the needs of the cell. Since the cardiovascular system is closely linked with the respiratory system, there will be an overlap. Look at what else the blood carries).

a) Respiratory system (100 words max)
b) Cardiovascular system (100 words max)
c) Gastrointestinal system (100 words max)

Part 3. Give the function of the endocrine system (50 words max).