Ancient History of Rome

OPTION 1: Answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible and be sure to make reference to the PRIMARY sources that we have read to support your answers.

a. Discuss the reforms of Augustus. What changes did he make in Rome? How did he say that he restored the Republic? After the reign of Augustus, what issues plagued the empire and prevented it from operating smoothly and efficiently? Give 3 examples of this.

b. Describe the rise of Christianity in the Roman world. How was Christianity different from the traditional practices? How did the Romans view this new belief? Trace the Roman/Christian relations from the 1stc AD through AD 400.

c. Discuss the fall of Rome. How and when did it fall in the west? How and when did it fall in the east?

d. What do you think the legacy of Rome is to us? What aspects of Roman culture/ thought/ politics/ religion have influenced our society today. Discuss at least 3 examples. (This answer has to be 2 page long )

(Please make sure to double spell check, grammars and punctuations has to be perfect)