Analyze Joyces story The Dead in terms of its radical ideas.

You might consider its celebration (or at least utilization) of mundane, often trivial dialogue; its psychological realism (just a few years post-Freud, and very much at odds with the plot-driven narratives of Poe); Joyces creation of a not-easy-to-sympathize-with main character who in the end, we do connect and empathize with; his cinematic approach to narration and detail; his willingness to leave much unsaid and unresolved; his ability to build parallels (old maid aunts versus the very married Gabriel, who may be the least married of all) and symbols (snow, cemeteries, death) and to do so with near invisible ease; or even its lengthlonger than most stories, shorter than a novella, falling into a literary gray zone. You may consider all features, from technical matters like point of view, to thematic ones like the tension beetween modernity and tradition, to social ones, such as his treatment of issues of class and gender.