Analyze how the Renaissance provides the foundation for modern Europe

Analyze how the Renaissance provides the foundation for modern Europe

This should be done in three parts.

First, the essay should start with an analysis of what the central essence of the Renaissance was as well as simply why it starts (2 pages).

Secondly, you should demonstrate how the Renaissance revolutionized Europe as we have uncovered it during this unit. You need to demonstrate how the Renaissance changed Europe as evidenced by the various topics we have covered in this unit (nationalism, government, language, religion, technology, science, culture, or exploration; other areas could be included here). This should take between 2-3 pages.

The final part of the essay should be to hypothesize how the Renaissance will change and impact the future of Europe. In other words, based on what you know now looking at Europe in 1648, what sorts of issues, challenges or developments will emerge in the decades to come BECAUSE of the Renaissance. This last part would be at least 1 full page, but probably not more than 2.

This should be a 4-6 page essay that demands solid writing based on good historical research (3-5 sources would be best). All citations must be done in the Chicago Style Guide, the citation type for History as a discipline. This assessment MUST be typed (11 or 12 point font; Times or Calibri is best), 1.5 spacing and possess good grammar, spelling, and a clear, organized thought-process. As with the other work, there are NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED. The work should not be longer than 6-7 pages. Be cautious and careful about academic integrity (consult the syllabus).