An Evaluating the effect of Physical Activities in Liverpool

See the guidelines an the marking grading and reference for my essay.
(1)Grading Criteria:

Appropriate content – evidence of an understanding of the notion of urban health crisis: LO1 (XX/20)

Analysis of relevant aspects – understanding and critical analysis of health problems and service planning: LO2 (XX/20)

Synthesis and consistent discussion coherent and focused discussion showing links between the city context, outstanding factors and health of residents: LO3 and LO4 (XX/20)

Use of evidence to show grasp of the evidence base that explain associations between health, resources and policy: LO5 (XX/20)

Presentation, structure, appropriate referencing and use of key texts – structure, grammar, written expression, spelling, academic conventions: LO6 (XX/20)

Essay Writing—-(2) you can do borough of southwark or any borough in London

– Systematic Approach to Your Coursework: London based (I)

o a particular health condition / healthcare service issue for a particular population group (could be by ethnicity, age, sex or issue-related) for a specific London borough

Set the background of your topic within London context, highlighting the KEY issues in relation to this topic and draw a rationale / justification for it
Briefly describe the structure of your paper / essay

Set and discuss the epidemiology, demography and ethnicity of the health / service issue:
Using the data you obtained, show how this health condition / service is distributed (pattern of occurrence or utilisation) in the chosen London Borough.
How does your chosen population compare with other population groups?
Look at the diversity within this population (it could be in terms of demography or ethnicity).

Identify, examine and discuss wider and a social determinants of health:
What are the factors or wider (including socio-economic) determinants of health in relation to your chosen issue
How do these factors influence your chosen population group to give rise to the health condition/s you are examining?
What are the consequences / impact of this health condition / service on the chosen population group?

Identify, examine and discuss the policy, strategies and interventions related to this health / service issue:
What policies and strategies have been developed in relation to the chosen population in order to manage this issue? international, national, regional (London-wide) and local
What interventions have been / are being developed to deal with this issue? inter-national national, regional and local. *** Very important to look at local interventions here. Who are the stakeholders dealing with the chosen issue?

Give a brief summative discussion that connects the various parts of your essay / paper. This should be based on what you presented in the whole paper.

Recommendations and Conclusions:
Draw some recommendation and conclusions for your essay / paper.
Recommendations can be based on your identification of service gaps, lessons from elsewhere or your own experiences and knowledge base
Conclusions should be drawn from your findings presented throughout the essay / paper.

List of References:
This should consist of all sources used or cited in the essay / paper.

This is not a must to include but if you have any, should come after List of References. Normal, appendices consist of information that you think may be important for readers to familiarise with but its absence may not affect your work in terms of omission.

References—Must be Harvard Referencing.
Journal–I)International Society of Urban Health.
2)Journal of Urban Health
Others can be books or more journals