Age, Marriage Status and Health of the Mother and how it Affects Mother\’s Exclusive Breastfeeding among Arab and Emirati Mothers with Children age 6 Months to 2 years in Dubai

This is my senior project attached the required word for each part, (methodology) we did 890 surveys form mothers who have children from age of 6 months to two years old in Dubai and Sharjah hospitals and health cares and I attached my first draft which includes the specific objectives that you should focus on I will also attach the results of the survey by the spss program so you can see the results of my objectives and remember it is only for arabic speakers in Dubai and Sharjah and please fix the timetable of my report and do it properly, if you can also analyze the date in tables that I have shown in the example in the picture I attached , but for me I want the age of the mother and exclusive breastfeeding , marital status and exclusive breastfeeding and health of mother and breastfeeding and the value of each and if it is significant or not and also don\’t forget the hypotheses of my study is that younger age are less likely to breastfeed and women who are divorced do not breastfeed and finally women who have health problems face difficulties in breastfeeding, all the results are shown in the spss program you can figure it out from there to include the tables including the p value in the discussion and do me the conceptual framework that comes like a network by putting words in circles with the main title in the middle and other topics connected to it.