Acquisition Support and Risk Analysis Effects on Information Security

As an expert in health informatics and health information systems, you have been contacted buta rural hospital to investigate a programming error.Due to a programming error, 19 members of a large healthcare organization received e-mailmessages containing private healthcare information about multiple other members. A root causeanalysis showed that organizational issues played a significant role in this security breach.You will discuss how the Risk Analysis and Management processes described are applied tothis caseIn addition to this, the CIO and stakeholders of the rural hospital are discussing the possibleacquisition of their organization by a large healthcare provider. One reason for the acquisition isthat the facility needs the technology updates to provide quality care; however, there are limitedfunds to obtain the products needed.The hospital is aware of the immediate need to invest in an electronic medical record system.This will be a significant investment, and not all of the organization’s stakeholders are on boardwith the purchase. The CIO asks you to write a report that supports the purchase of the EMRsystem.Review the administrative safeguard section, beginning on page 259. Create a 5-6 page paperthat discusses how the Risk Analysis and Management processes described are applied to thiscase. Additionally you are to defend the value of EHR purchase. In your defense, cite at leastthree points that defend the purchase. Use the information obtained from our textbook and internet searches to complete your post. Do not forget to cite your sources following APAformatting principles.