A Necessary Iliad by Shiyu Ma and Qin Zhao: Write an essay about Classical Mytholgy

Revision! See the latest document.

This essay is about Classical Mytholgy. It is related to the another essay I ordered and I STRONGLY recommend the writer read about the related order and the FEEDBACK from my teacher to avoid making the since mistakes since these two essays are similar.

For this essay, I have attached the requirement and the writing tip to the order but I still want to emphasize several crucial points.

1. Make sure don\’t forget to read about the RUBRIC in the second page about formatting and detailed requirements.
Especially this essay is 1.5 spacing and no longer than one page. Anything over the page limit will not be considered part of the essay

2. Essay must address the citizen identity of the OSU
freshmen in question.

3. When comparing and choosing from Homers Odyssey and Hesiods Theogony, the writer need to address features of both to show strength and weakness.

4. The essay must state its thesis in a short introductory paragraph, followed by a few body paragraphs actually making the argument. As part of its evidence the essay must cite specific passages of the Odyssey and/or Theogony at least four times (not necessarily quote, but cite), using book and page number for Odyssey (e.g., 24.479) and line number for Theogony (e.g., 463-6). You may only use the Odyssey and Theogony as evidence, and you may not include a Works Cited page

5. Make sure to read the writing tips, especially examples mentioned inside, that will give the writer a better understanding of this essay.

6. I recommend the writer to check RUBRIC in the first file and the POST-WRITING CHECKLIST in the second file BEFORE the writer starts the essay.

7. The third file is the essay and feedback regarding order#301670, please read about them to make sure the writer mentions the CITIZEN IDENTITY of OSU freshmen in this Essay 2.